Cosplay photo session and “Mr. Koizumi love Ramen” stalls are great success! Report bilibili booth 【AJ2018】

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A splendid cosplay year appeared at the bilibili booth of AnimeJapan 2018 held on March 24th and 25th. There was also a unique gift that acted on mineral water to visitors, attracting great attention.

The bilibili booth has a huge special stage. Various voice actors and artists took the stage and showed bustling enough to always be a crowd.
In the exhibition section, 22 muscat characters ’22 daughters and 33 daughter’ s Stady POP were prepared, as well as a cosplay photographing ceremony was held, this is also the first time popular enough to make a long line.

Furthermore, a stall set appeared from Mr. Koizumi, a popular work of winter in 2018, “Ramen love Koizumi.” The appearance of a fan who commemorates the stall where yellow color is impressive also stands out.
Other than that, we distributed mineral water of “original bilibili × anime design” to moisten the throat of visitors, showed bustling with various projects.







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