“Let’s decorate the promise on the morning of goodbye flowers” in Cosplay Reflected!

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The movie “Flower promised at the morning of goodbye” (“Sayo Morning”) which is open to acclaim from Saturday, February 24, 2018. Speaking of Mr. Okada Yuri who will be director in this work, “We do not know the name of the flower I saw that day. “(Anohana)) and” My heart wants to cry. ” “(” Here is here “) and others.

This week’s cosplay feature picks up the characters of the work involved Mr. Okada! Not only “Anakohana” “Kokoro Kozaki” but also “Hana Saku Iroha” with “PAWORKS” which formed a tag again in “Sayo Morning”, “From Asuka no Asukari”, 10 cosplay photos from 10 gorgeous pieces I will post it.

Itsuki’s Flipnote

【Character】 Honma gyoiko (ninja) (“We do not know the name of the flower I saw that day.”)
[Nationality] Italy

Photo page from here!

Hikari Yamamoto’s Flipnote

【Character】 Naruse Norishi (“The heart wants to cry.”)
[Nationality] Indonesia From the

photograph page, click here!

Mon’s Flipnote

【Character】 Matsuma Matsumae (“Hanasaku Iroha”)
【Nationality】 Taiwan

Photo page is here!

Candi’s Flipnote

【Character】 Mukai Midaka (“From Nagi no Asukari”)
【Nationality】 Taiwan

Photo page is here!
kanako LUI’s Flipnote

【Character】 Mikono · Suzushiro (“Aquarion EVOL”)
【Nationality】 Hong Kong

Photo page is here!

ikuyA’s Flipnote

【Character】 Noriko Sonzaki (“Kizunaiba”)
【Nationality】 Australia From the

photo page click here!

Howl 21’s Flipnote

【Character】 Aoi Akira (“selector infected WIXOSS”)
【Nationality】 China

Photo page is here!

H’s Flipnote

【Character】 Crescent Moon · Augustus (“Mobile Suit Gundam Iron Blood Orphans”)
【Nationality】 Taiwan

Photo page is here!

lee myoyoung’s Flipnote

【Character】 Osaka Taiga (“Torata Dora!”)
【Nationality】 Korean

photo page is from here!

SumiRe’s Flipnote

【Character】 Canaan (“CANAAN”)
【Nationality】 China

Photos page is from here!

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