Movie Crayon Shin-chan Explosion! Kung Fu Boys ~ Lucky Turbus ~ “The latest preview video & poster is released!

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Film Crayon Shinchan’s latest work “Film Crayon Shin-chan Explosion!” Will be released from Friday, April 13, 2018! Kung Fu Boys ~ Lolno Turbus ~ “.

This time, the latest advance notice video & book poster visual released at the theaters nationwide from Saturday, March 3 has been lifted!

In the preview video, a theme song by Momoiro Clover Z “Lol Haha ~ Sha Yi Xiao! ~” Flows, Tomohiko Tachikawa’s narration enters, Momokuro fans, so-called “Mononoff” is a dreamed preview video It is.

Also on TV Asahi Today, March 2nd at 19 o’clock broadcast “Doraemon Crayon Shinchan Spring! Movie! 3 Hour Anime Festival!” But the preview video will be broadcasted full length on TV!

Preview video is released!


Work summary

Movie Crayon Shin-chan Explosion! Kung Fu Boys ~ Lucky Night Turbidity ~

Chinatown in Kasukabe, «Aiya – Town».

Shinnosuke Kashkabe Defense Corps who struggle to train legendary kung fu “Puni Puni Ken”. Meanwhile, in Aiya Town, “Black Panda Ramen” is a big fashion! But that ramen was a dangerous ramen that would make the person who eat it violent!

Ramen panic trying not only to not only Eyetown but also Kasukabe! ! Meanwhile, Masao declared the withdrawal of the Cascade Guard! What? Peacefully in Kasukabe! What? The bond of the Cascade Guard is! What?

Gift sent in full story no stunt, Bakufu action action masterpiece! !

■ Original: Yuto Usui (Camar Company) / “Monthly Manga Town” (Futabasha) Serial / During the Asahi series broadcasting
■ Director: Wataru Takahashi
■ Screenplay: Ue no Kimiko
■ Cast: Kayako Yajima and others
■ Guest Voice actor: Sekine Tsutomu (ANZEN comic) AAPON (ANZEN comic)
■ Theme Song: Momoiro Clover Z “LOL Haha ~ Shao Xiao!” (EVIL LINE RECORDS)

Official site

(C) Usui Yuto / Futabasha, Shin Eye, TV Asahi, ADK 2018





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