Movie Doraemon Nobita’s Treasure Island is a big hit start beyond previous work!

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(C) Fujiko Pro · Shogakkan · TV Asahi · Shin Ae · ADK 2018

Domestic movie rankings from March 3rd to 4th (National weekend box office performance · provided by box office agency) were announced. Spring vacation works were released one after another, and six new works ranked in, the classic popular anime new work “Doraemon movie Nobita Treasure Island” won the top. Novelist Kawamura Genki was in charge of the script for this time in the 38th feature film of the feature film series, this time with a script writer, Geno Hoshino wrote down two songs, a theme song and an insertion song. It was released on 381 screens nationwide, and the opening of 2 days, the mobilization of 717,000 people, revenue reached 834 million yen. This was released at the same time last year, and the preliminary work “Doraemon movie Nobita’s Antarctic Kichikochi Adventure” which raised the new series’s highest income of 4.43 billion yen is 121.8% of the income yield. I cut off a big hit that I can expect before.

Bunny Stray Dogs DEAD APPLE, the new animation, first appeared in 7th place. The same work is based on the same name comic by Asagiri Kafka and Chunghwa 35, and a character with the same name as Bunka is a battle action that draws a figure fighting with each different ability named after the writer. In the movie version following TV animation, the original story develops. With an opening of 2 days (including prior disclosure) mobilization is about 62,600 people, raising income of 86.7 million yen.

Second place is the new work “Black Panther”, “Greatest show showman” is third place, “Kukai KU – KAI mystery of the beautiful queen” has retreated to 4th place. Director of Clint Eastwood “15: 17, To Paris” first appeared 5th. “Shape of Water” directed by Guillermo del Toro, winning the 4th crown at the 90th Academy Awards, was awarded the 6th place, a popular comic by Aya Kusumi live-action film “Principal Koisuru I am a heroine “Started to be the eighth place.

In addition, “I will decorate the flowers of promises in the morning of goodbye” which is fifth place last week is the 10th place.




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