Movie Doraemon Nobita’s Treasure Island” Masazumi Nagasawa is decided as a guest voice actor!

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“Movie Doraemon Nobita’s Treasure Island” to be released on Saturday, March 3 Masami Nagasawa decided actress as a guest voice actor this time! It turned out that I was in charge of the role of Fiona, Captain Silver’s wife, Hiroshi Oizumi.

Actor · Masami Nagasawa appeared as a guest voice actor at “Movie Doraemon Nobita’s Treasure Island” (released March 3). Nagasawa stated that he had perused the dictionary tool books during childhood and was perusing every day, “It is truly an honor to have thought that I could never participate in the world of Doraemon who has been familiar for a long time” I am talking about joy.

Nagasawa to the captain of the pirate ship , the movie “Your name is. “SING / Thing” etc, and actress who is highly evaluated as a voice actor. In this work, as a role of wife · Fiona of Captain Silver (CV. Hiroshi Oizumi) who confronts Nobita with a captain of a pirate ship, he plays an important role of being a gentle and robust mother while being sick.

Following this performance decision, Nagasawa said, “Since I was a child, I love Doraemon and I read the illustrations of secret tools that my grandmother bought every day, as if I were a Doraemon, I feel as if I were a Doraemon “While I was looking back on my early childhood when I was with Doraemon,” I am really honored that I never thought that I could participate, “commented with joy.

As for his own functions, explained as “a lively mother who gently envelopes the family while working as a scientist,” and explained that “Through Fiona, feeling that parents nurture their children and their children raise parents” is not a matter of others It has become such a work as to be able to do, “he told the charm of this work.

Momoko Kawakita producer also said Fiona played by Nagasawa “express intelligence, powerfulness, kindness, sadness firmly in the voice play, up to one of the breaths not written in the dialogue It is Daiko. “It is an important role to hold the key of the story”, so it is likely to be an attention character along with the way of adventure over treasure.

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