My Hero Academia And Avengers collaboration

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“SPECIAL HERO COLLABORATION” “My hero academy” (C) Kohei Horikoshi / Shueisha · My hero Accademia Production Committee

Breaking News My Hero Academic And Avengers Collaboration.

In case you didn’t think Avengers: Infinity War has enough superheroes, even though it contains literally every Marvel Cinematic Universe hero (except possibly Hawkeye; sorry Hawkeye), you’re in luck. My Hero Academia, which just debuted its third season on Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Hulu, is teaming up with the MCU movie for a crossover trailer.

The collaboration was announced on Twitter, where the official Japanese Avengers account posted a link to a website featuring comparisons between My Hero Academia characters and members of the Avengers team. Toho Animation, which produces My Hero Academia, also uploaded a reworked version of the Infinity Wartrailer with the anime’s characters built in, which you can watch below.

The collaboration’s website shows off the parallels between the two superhero worlds. For example, Midoriya is compared to Captain America, while Ochaco steps in as Black Widow. The site also containsMy Hero Academia‘s take on theInfinity War poster, with Shigaraki playing the role of Thanos. Thus far, this is as far as the collaboration between the two projects goes–it appears to be a promotional campaign for Avengers: Infinity War.

Anime “My Hero Academia” collaborated with the movie “Avengers / Infinity War” (released on April 27). On the theme of “SPECIAL HERO COLLABORATION”, collaborative videos such as character design · Yoshihiko Magoshi ‘s drawn visuals and familiar students of Yu Ying introducing the Avengers etc were released.

“SPECIAL HERO COLLABORATION” “Avengers / Infinity War”

Boku No Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 01 English Subbed

The common theme of both works is “theme”. Not only does it have a big theme that characters with special abilities are active as “heroes”, as well as waking up to the mission as a hero in the story, growing while suffering the same as ordinary humans Match. And the fact that they can empathize with them and give courage is the greatest attraction of these two works.

This collaboration is realized from the strong feeling that “Together” Let’s raise “hero”! On the special site, “Hiroaka” collaboration visual by character design · Masakoshi drawing down linked with IMAX poster of “Avengers / Infinity War” is released.



Also, familiar heroes of “Hiroaka” are special collaboration videos that introduce heroes of “Avengers”.
Kamiya Teruyuki is Captain America, Ikeman Katsumi is Iron Man, Reiji Oko is Black Widow, Tianya Iida is Doctor Strange, Troubles are Saw, Almighty introduces Hulk Please also pay attention to the part where common points etc emerge.

Furthermore, from April 24th, a collaboration campaign of “Avengers / Infinity War” and “My Hero Academia” started at nationwide book shops. Postcards using 2 collaborative visuals will be given for purchase of related products.

“My Hero Academia”

My Hero Academia And Avengers





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