SAO “Sword Art Online” Anime movie is released for the first time! Staff clearly

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From TV animation “Sword Art · Online Alternative Gangile · Online” (started broadcasting in April), staff information such as Studio 3 Hz, who is in charge of animation production, was announced. The first bulletin of CM, which used animated images for the first time, was also announced.

Animated Images with Photographs Which is responsible for animation production is decided to Studio 3 Hz, which talked about topics such as “Flip Flapper’s” and “Princess Principal”. Directed by Masayuki Kuii of “Yokin Shojo Masato”, series composition · Screenplay is Yosuke Kuroda of “My Hero Accademia”, Character design · Director general of character “Nao Kozaki” of “<Narrative> series”, each acting, Character The design draft was to be handled by the original star illustration Kuroshira red and white.

In the first volume of the numbering CM which was also released together, “Gangale Online” where the main feature video was first shown. The expectations are increasing more and more in the team warfare of the Ren who became animation.

“Sword Art Online Alternative Gangeiru Online”
TOKYO MX, BS11, Tochigi TV, Gunma TV, MBS, broadcasting start in April at TV Aichi
Original: Keiichi Sigsawa
original illustrations, character design draft: scab red and white
Director : Masayuki Kusuda
Series composition · Screenplay: Yuusuke Kuroda
Character design · Overall director Director: Nozio Ozaki
Animation Production: Studio 3 Hz

Len: Kusunoki Tomari
Pitofoy: Higaki Yoko
Em: Kozu Kazuki
Huka Jiro: Akasaki Chinatsu

(C) 2017 Keiichi Shimizawa / KADOKAWA ASCII · Media Works / GGO Project



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